The Most Comprehensive Piano Learning App for Mixed Reality

Create soul-touching music, with or without a keyboard
Playing the piano is a beautiful experience, it's like painting with sound. The good news is that you don't have to break the bank to enjoy this world-class instrument. Play PianoVision using your Piano, MIDI Keyboard, or if you don't have either, then our Virtual Keyboard using hand-tracking.
Personalized learning like never before
A new era of personalized piano learning has arrived. PianoVision's "Learning Engine" is revolutionizing the speed and ease for pianists to learn new songs. This dynamic tool responds to your real-time performance, breaks songs into snippets, and restructures the piece to suit your practice needs, helping you practice what counts. Now we’re seeing pianists around the world learn songs above their grade in no time at all.
Access a growing collection of 1000+ songs and exercises
With over 1000 songs and exercises built-in, there's something for everyone - from classical pieces to folk, national anthems, and more. In addition to the growing song library, the exercises have been carefully curated by a professional piano teacher to ensure that you're learning what matters most.
Unlock the whole world of music with MIDI
MIDI uploads allow for endless possibilities and creativity. With the ability to upload any track and play it using PianoVision, artists unlock the whole world of music. Whether you're a musician or music lover, get ready to unlock the limitless possibilities of MIDI at your fingertips.
Multiplayer, to share your talent with the world
Playing piano can often be a solitary activity, but with PianoVision's Multiplayer, you can share the joy of music-making with others anywhere in the world. Imagine playing "Für Elise" with someone from Germany or collaborating on a jazz standard with a fellow musician from Brazil. Our low latency multiplayer allows you to play together in real time, making the experience feel almost like you're in the same room together.
Designed to get you out of the headset
PianoVision's "Memory Engine" is designed to incrementally reduce your dependency on the VR headset, helping you better retain the notes you're learning. Engaging with the Memory engine will equip you with the knowledge and skills to play beautiful music IRL. So, get ready to step out of the headset and show off your talents!
Performance feedback & statistics for every piece you play
One of the most satisfying feelings for a musician is noticing progress over time. By recording key performance statistics such as timing, accuracy, handedness, and more, you're able to quantitatively see your progress after each play and the entirety of your piano journey lifetime. Clear data helps you understanding what you need to work on. And as you continue to hone your skills, the numbers will speak for themselves to show just how far you've come.
Optimized learning for Mixed Reality
The design of PianoVision is carefully crafted to combine the best aspects of technology and musical instruction in order to make learning the piano fast and comprehensive. Designed specifically for mixed reality, it creates an immersive and engaging learning experience that helps aspiring pianists learn much quicker than traditional methods. With PianoVision, you'll be well on your way to mastering the piano in no time.


Average cost of a Piano Teacher = $45/hour
For a one-time purchase, PianoVision = $9.99


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